Growth Groups Weekly Bible Study – 8.6.17

Theme:  God’s only Son–“God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Warm-Up Questions:  Warm-Up Questions:  Complete this sentence, but don’t think about it too much. You might even give a couple responses…“I just can’t live without…”

Observation and Interpretation Questions:

Read Deuteronomy 8: 18-20

  1. What were the Israelites encouraged to do in the Promised Land (verse 18)?
  2.  What did Moses say would happen to them if they forgot (verse 19)?
  3.  What had happened to others when they proved to be disobedient (verse 20)?

Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-21

  1. What does it mean that Paul says the love of Christ compels him (verse 14)?
  2. For whom does it say that Christ died and how does that apply to us (verse 15)?
  3. Why does Paul say we should no longer regard Jesus in the flesh (verses 16-17)?
  4. What was God doing through Jesus that He now expects us to continue (verses 18-19)?
  5. How confident should we be as God’s ambassadors of reconciliation (verses 20-21)?


Read 2 Peter: 8-14

  1. Why does Peter say that the Lord is longsuffering toward us (verses 8-9)?
  2. What does God intend to do one day in the future (verse 10)?
  3. What difference should that make in the way we conduct ourselves (verses 11-14)?


Application Questions:

  1. What of all you learned about God’s provision for you encourages you most?
  2. When might you share this exciting aspect of your faith with someone this week?

Heavenly Father, it is wonderful to consider that you made provision in Jesus for us, that we should not perish with those who do not believe, but we will be saved to the uttermost.

Talk and Pray
Talk with one another about how you can Join Jesus on His mission in your own lives this week, using the questions on the back.
Pray for one another about any personal concerns or praises you have.