Small Groups Weekly Bible Study 1.22.18

Jim Class:  Weak Made Strong
January 24, 2018
Rev. Leroy Gerner, Director of The CORE


God transforms our lives through connection with each other as we gather around God’s word. In this Jim Class we remember how Christ can fill our lives with his riches so that we might share with those who are sometimes least favored in our society. The leader shares a personal story illustrating I Timothy 6:17-19.    


1. Can you remember a kid in your school days who was a “least favorite” in the class? What types of interactions did you have with that person?


1. Read James 1:27-2:4

• How does James describe the type of religion that is acceptable to God our Father? What do you think that means in our society? How have you seen it done?

• What are some of the ways we might show favoritism in our lives?

2. Read James 2:14-17

• What does James say about a type of faith without deeds?

• Luther said, “We are justified by faith alone, but not by a faith that is alone.” What are some ways you have seen faith lived out by others that have left a lasting impression on you?

• Why is it hard to mix favoritism and good deeds?


1. What would it look like for you to make some of the least favorite of society some of your most favorite people?!

2. Are there any plans that people in this group might work on together…or even keep one another accountable?


Pray for specific people or groups who might be least favorites of our social circles. Pray for God to use us in ways that might share the riches of Christ’s love with them.

Note to Leaders: Every small group is different, so we are providing a summary study with additional discussion questions in the Going Deeper section. Please choose the questions that relate best to your particular group.

Going Deeper


1. What challenged your thinking during the worship service this week?

2. Describe how favoritism can be a Christian’s greatest hurdle to faith in Jesus.


Read James 1:9-11

1. How has James inverted the normal values in our society between being poor or being rich?

2. James says the rich will wither away like a wild flower in the heat of the sun. What does this imply about those in humble circumstances?


1. In our affluent culture, how does James’ call to love everyone without favoritism resonate with you?

Learning Opportunity – Read the Book of James in the Bible.

Serving Opportunity – Is there something individually or as a group you can think of that would serve people for the sake of the love we have in Christ?