Small Groups Weekly Bible Study-March 11

Transforming Power – Character

Theme:  Character

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall
be added to you.”

Warm-Up Question:  What is one aspect of your character you have seen change as a result
of your personal relationship with Jesus?  How have others affirmed this for you?

Observation and Interpretation Questions:

Read Romans 5: 1-11 The Source of Proven Character

  1. What has God done for each of us that is so great (verses 1-2)?
  2. How did Paul describe the beginning of the process of character development (verse 3)?
  3. Would you agree that character is a by-product of tough times as necessary for hope (verses 4-5)?
  4. How did God demonstrate His great love for us while we still opposed to Him (verses 6-8)?
  5. What more has God done for us besides justifying us by Jesus’ blood (verse 9)?
  6. What is the final product that a changed character should reflect (verses 10-11)?
  7. Application:  How might you allow the in-dwelling Jesus to shape you character?

Read Philippians 2: 19-30 Two Examples of Proven Character

  1. How was Timothy described by Paul that was unique (verses 19-20)?
  2. What had Timothy done to prove his character to Paul (verses 21-24)?
  3. How does Paul describe Epaphroditus’ character (verses 25-27)?
  4. Why does Paul say we should hold such men in high esteem (verses 28-30)?
  5. Application: How does your character reflect the fact that Jesus is alive in you?


Read Colossians 3: 12-17 The Transforming Power of Character

  1. How does Paul describe us in regard to our new creation (verse 12)?
  2. Which of all that we should now be doing is most challenging (verse 12-13)?
  3. When love guides our actions, how is our character affected? (verse 14-17)
  4. Application: Which aspect of Jesus’ character will you let Him change in you?

Application Questions:

  1. This next week, how can your transformed character show forth to others?
  2. Which specific aspect of the transforming power of Christ will you work on?

       Heavenly Father, thank You that in Christ You not only make us new creations in Christ,
You write your laws on our hearts and transform our character to reflect Jesus to others.

Talk and Pray
Talk with one another about how you can Join Jesus on His mission in your own lives this week, using the questions on the back.
Pray for one another about any personal concerns or praises you have.