Small Groups Weekly Bible Study – April 21

Small Group Weekly Bible Study

Easter 2019 – ““He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. And go quickly and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead.””

Theme: He is Risen! This Changes Everything

Warm-Up Questions:  
What stood out to you from what you heard on Easter Sunday morning?Describe a time in your life when you realized you had changed in some way.

 Observation and Interpretation Questions:
Read Mark 15:9-15, 19-20

  1. What is it in this section that might give you hope in times of doubt (verses 9-13)?
  2. Why do you think Jesus appeared to the unbelieving disciples (verse 14)?
  3. What relationship do you see between Jesus’ command and your belief (verse 15)?
  4. How would you describe the change that took place in the disciples (verses 19-20)?

Read John 1:6-16

  1. What did you notice about how John describes Jesus (verses 6-11)?
  2. Why do you think only mentally believing in Jesus is incomplete (verses 12-13)?
  3. What do you think of Jesus’ having taken up residence with us (verses 14-15)?
  4. How is what Jesus brings to us different from Moses’ gifts (verses 16)?

Read Acts 8:26-39

1.  What does it mean to you that the man was reading the Scriptures (verses 26-33)?   
2.  How can you tell that Philip’s words were believed by the man (verses 34-38)?   

Read Romans 12:1-8

  1. Why do you think we are told to “present our bodies as a sacrifice” (verse 1)?
  2. What might Paul mean by not being conformed to this present world (verse 2)?
  3. How do you respond to the different gifts mentioned here (verses 3-8)?
  4. How can others know that your mind has truly been transformed?

Application Questions

  1. How are you going to capitalize on Easter to exhibit your changed heart this week?
  2. What can you do in your daily life to make Christ’s life-changing power part of your   lifestyle?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, please help us to apply the truth of the resurrection to our lives that our actions will show forth the transforming power of Jesus to all we meet.

Going Deeper
Read Acts 2:36-47.

How important to you is it that God has made Jesus both Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36)?

What effect should the facts of the gospel have on your willingness to be changed (Acts 2:37-39)?

Which of the responses to Peter’s exhortation was most striking to you (Acts 2:40-45)?

What is one thing that the new believers did that you appreciate most (Acts 2:46))?

Why do you think the believers enjoyed the good will of the people around them (Acts 2:47)?

Share about a time when you experienced the affirmation of having Christ in your life. 

Prayer: Father, give us the faith to believe that although we have come to believe in Your love and truth revealed by Jesus’ resurrection, we also have to allow that to transform us.