Join us on September 30 as we partner with 30+ local churches and over 10,000 volunteers to show unprecedented compassion, unity, and diversity to our city as we magnify the name of Jesus. Registration for CityServe costs $15/person, with a family maximum of $45. That includes lunch, a t-shirt, and service project costs. Once you’re registered, we’ll assign you a project. All you have to do is show up ready to serve. Can’t join us on Sunday? Check out the other projects below!

September 30

10:30AM • 12:15PM


$45/max per family


If you have any questions, click below to contact us and we’ll help you out.

Other Projects

Sunday, Sept. 30 • 8AM - 1PM

Blood Drive

Help save lives by donating blood at our CityServe Red Cross Blood Drive. Even if you’re taking part in a project later that day, you can still give in the morning. Just register below to make an appointment, and we’ll see you there.

Restoring Dignity

We are partnering with Restoring Dignity to furnish and clean a refugee family’s home. We will be accepting donations of items to furnish the home, check below for a list of items needed and to sign up to donate.

Patty’s Pantry

We are collecting clothes for elementary aged children for Patty’s Pantry.  We will be collecting from September 9 – 23, please bring donations to the Church Office. We are looking for the following items:

Sizes 6-16
Hooded sweatshirts
Sweatpants in sizes 6-8
Winter coats, hats, & gloves